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scoregolf spring magazine devoted to the best of golf travel, instruction, stories and the 50 best things about golf. Plus a feature on Mike Weir 10th anniversary Masters win.

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PUBLISHER: Kim Locke EDITORIAL DIRECTOR: Bob Weeks – THE GREATEST THINGS ABOUT GOLF 37 THE FUTURE NO. 1 In Rory McIlroy golf has a top player worth idolizing. BY JASON LOGAN 68 HISTORICAL MOMENTS: 38 INSPIRATIONAL STORIES Mike Weir's Masters Magic Three Canadian golfers overcoming life obstacles. An oral history of Mike Weir's historic 2003 Masters win. BY WES GILBERTSON, JAMES JACKSON AND GORD HOLDER BY BOB WEEKS AND JASON LOGAN 50 OCEAN COURSES 79 MEN'S NIGHT Golfing alongside the ocean is one of life's great pleasures. A weekly ritual at clubs across the country. BY ROBERT THOMPSON BY BOB WEEKS 52 NATURAL TALENT: EDITOR: Jason Logan – ART DIRECTOR: Gord French – CONTRIBUTING EDITOR: Peter Robinson WRITER-AT-LARGE: Lorne Rubenstein SENIOR WRITER: Robert Thompson CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Wes Gilbertson, Gord Holder, James Jackson, Mike Mezei PLAYING EDITOR: Mike Weir GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Jason F. Schneider LEAD INTERACTIVE DESIGNER: Marcos Eirin PRODUCER: Brian Bileski ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: Andrew Foscarin WEBMASTER, DBA: Fritz Divinagracia NATIONAL ACCOUNT SUPERVISORS: Jaren Hayman, Brad Kozak – (416) 928-2909, 1-800-320-6420; Fax (416) 966-1181 SPECIALTY SALES AND MARKETING: Carrihoga Sales and Promotions, Thomas Scott & Assoc., Quadra Sports Inc. 80 CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS Starring Graham DeLaet PUBLISHED BY CANADIAN CONTROLLED MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS 5397 Eglinton Ave W., Suite 101 Toronto,Ontario M9C 5K6 416 928-2909 BY BOB WEEKS BY BOB WEEKS 82 MUNICIPAL COURSES 58 SHORT PAR 3s City-owned golf courses are the lifeblood of the game. A well-travelled pro on golf's most interesting type of hole. BY ROBERT THOMPSON BY MIKE MEZEI 84 BUDDY TRIPS 60 GENERATIONS Golf trips with pals produce lasting images. Playing golf with a parent or a child is as good as it gets. 87 POWER: BY BOB WEEKS Starring Jamie Sadlowski 62 WHAT YOU SAID Nobody is more fun to watch than this Alberta bomber. SCOREGolf readers on the greatest things about golf. BY JASON LOGAN 64 WHAT TOUR PROS SAID 90 NICKNAMES What tour pros think is the best part about playing the game. Golf has some of the coolest nicknames in sports. 66 MOUNTAIN COURSES 95 THE 19th HOLE Golf courses in the Rockies are some of the best in the world. The best place to unwind after getting wound up. BY ROBERT THOMPSON BY JASON LOGAN Shortshots columns 9 Q&A 7 WEEKS SPEAKS With Annika Sorenstam BY BOB WEEKS 13 GOLF GETAWAYS 12 LOGAN'S ALLEY On Scottsdale, Ariz. BY JASON LOGAN 16 COURSE REVIEWS 112/120 PARTING SHOT On Tobiano & Muskoka Bay BY LORNE RUBENSTEIN PRESIDENT: Kim Locke VICE-PRESIDENT & GENERAL MANAGER: Cliff Kivell VICE-PRESIDENT, CONTENT: Bob Weeks CONSULTANT: Mike Watt GENERAL MANAGER, SCOREGOLF.COM: Jim Henderson PRODUCTION CO-ORDINATOR: Jeff Locke PRODUCTION ASSISTANT: Andy Munro CIRCULATION DIRECTOR: Ashley Monckton TOURNAMENT CO-ORDINATOR: CONTROLLER: Mike Seca ACCOUNTANT: Kelly Rosettani SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR: Allen Tam MANAGER OF ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES: Jessica Palladino ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT: Karen De Abreu IN ASSOCIATION WITH THE LAURENTIAN PUBLISHING GROUP Michael Atkins, President FOR SUBSCRIPTION INQUIRIES Please call: (416) 931-9399 Fax your inquiry to: (905) 775-7935 E-mail: GOLF RETAILERS: To carry SCOREGolf Magazine in your store or pro shop, please call 1-800-320-6420 or fax 1-888-587-0757. SINGLE COPY PRICE: $7.99 SUBSCRIPTIONS: 1 year: $17.95; 2 years: $29.95; 3 years: $39.95. U.S. add $30 per year for additional postage: Foreign add $35 per year for additional postage. Send subscriptions, change of address or undeliverables to Score Circulation, 5397 Eglinton Ave. W., Suite 101, Toronto, ON, M9C 5K6. To subscribe, change your address or give a gift subscription, please visit www. OUR PRIVACY POLICY From time to time, we make our subscribers' names and addresses available to reputable companies whose products or services we feel may be of interest to you. Should you wish, for any reason, to not receive such offers from other companies, please write to us at: SCOREGolf, Attn: Privacy Officer, 5397 Eglinton Ave. W., Suite 101, Toronto, ON, M9C 5K6, e-mail scoregolfprivacy@ or phone (416) 928-2909. You may also contact us should you have any questions regarding your record or wish to examine or correct it. SCOREGolf Magazine is published four times annually: Spring, May-June, July-August and Fall plus one Special Interest Publication in November by SCOREGolf Canada Ltd., 5397 Eglinton Ave. W., Suite 101, Toronto, ON, M9C 5K6, (416) 928-2909, Fax (416) 966-1181 (sales and administration), Fax (416) 928-1357 (all other departments). Shipped from Concord, ON. All rights reserved. Any reproduction in whole or in part without written permission of the publisher is prohibited. The publisher accepts no responsibility for unsolicited material. We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada, through the Canada Magazine Fund, toward our editorial costs. 19 NUMBERS About Masters Math SCOREGolf SCOREGolf Corporate Experiences EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Ashley Monckton EVENTS & MARKETING CO-ORDINATOR: Lucy Merdjanian EVENTS & SALES CO-ORDINATOR: Leslie White A look at some astonishing Canadian club champions. Canada's top golfer relies on athleticism and instinct. 4 SCOREGolf West 1529 West 6th Avenue, Unit 104, Vancouver, B.C., V6J 1R1 (604) 718-1843; Fax (604) 623-3476 ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER, SCOREGolf West: Jason Groshak – jgroshak@ ISSN 1492-7683 SPRING 2013 PUBLICATIONS MAIL AGREEMENT #40069121

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